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Hello, my fellow Water Rats!

Today, I thought I’d start off with finding out different ways to keep us motivated while we’re working out or even if you’re just out and about, enjoying the great outdoors. Aside from the most obvious inspiration being the scenery when you’re outdoors, my greatest motivational tool is the music I choose to listen to.

Lady with headphones and superpowers

Yeah, this is how I feel with the right music.

Whether you listen to your own playlist, a radio station or a specific artist’s latest tracks, you can use the music progression to help you warmup, ramp up and then ramp down your activity levels. I usually like to find songs with a nice slow and even beat to start my walk or workout routine. This helps me gradually start stretching and slowly using my muscles as I warm up.

Once I have completed my warmup and stretching routine, it is now time for the fun to begin! This is where I not only step up my activity level; I also crank up the music tempo and volume! I call this my “Ramp It Up” step. If I am walking, running, hiking or even canoeing, I match my pace to the music I’m listening to. It’s fun and also helps intensify your workout!

The last part of my personal workout I call my “Cool It Down” step. When done with your exercise routine, it is very important to remember to cool down and stretch, just as you did during your pre-activity warm up.

If you don’t do both of these steps before and after you exercise, you run the risk of developing muscle cramping from a buildup of lactic acid in your muscles (also commonly known as a “charley horse”), or even worse, shin splints. Trust me; you do not want to deal with either of these! Besides being extremely painful, they take a very long time to recover from, which will curtail your recreational activity and can derail your entire exercise routine.

Of course, no matter what you do, you will still be a bit sore, especially when you first begin to exercise, but you can help keep it to a minimum by doing the proper warm up and cool down steps.

What Are Your Favorite Beats?

When you are exercising, it’s always good to change it all up to keep it fun and exciting to do. Changing the location is an easy fix; it’s also a good idea to switch up on both the routine and the music. If you don’t already have your own playlist, here are a couple of my recommendations to get you started with your own:


Spotify for streaming music.

There are also plenty of youtube fitness related music compilations, I like this one. Plus the fit dude adds to motivation!

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new music to add to the playlist but music taste is very subjective, it’s for that reason that I’m not going to post up my favorite tracks. Plus, my faves change with my mood, the weather and whether I have company. There is always a new “of the moment” track coming out anyway.

Oh yeah, another motivator is following sporty people on instagram. Just don’t spent too much time there you could otherwise be spending exercising. Get the motivation and GO FOR IT!

Here’s to keeping fitness fun and exciting for each other!

Until next time, happy fitness my fellow Water Rats!

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