Why Expats Move To Maadi In Cairo

Maadi is located south of Cairo Egypt and on the Eastern Bank of the River Nile. It is a home to many Egyptians, international diplomats and a home to big number of Embassies, as well as sporting clubs, restaurants, Villas, international schools and cultural institutions such as geological museum of Egypt. Maadi has a reputation of green environment, relaxed and quieter compared to urban Cairo as some parts of Maadi are characterized of being free of traffic noise such surroundings of Cairo American College. 



Availability of basic amenities, road connectivity, accommodation facilities, and other social factors attract many to move to maadi. Following are reasons as to why many opt for Maadi Cairo;



The famous Maadi apartments strategically located allowing for the view of the city Cairo and River Nile has attracted many to choose their stay at Maadi. Apartments in Maadi are fully furnished ready for living equipped with the basic amenities such as clean water, a good sewer system, garbage collection facilities, electricity, free internet connectivity, close sports club, swimming pool, air conditioned, ample parking space, balcony view, gym facilities, security services, shopping nerdy, transport nerdy, TV cable/ satellite and many more services. They offer reasonable rental and accommodation charges that many find reasonable to thrive with.




while walking in the streets of Maadi one will never notice he or she is in a desert. The entire streets are filled with green trees and flowers that are rare to see in most part of Egypt Green plants are believed scientifically to add more oxygen to the atmosphere adding on fresh air for breathing. This green environment in Maadi Cairo attract many as most of the people love to live in aesthetically beautiful environments.




Maadi is well connected to a structured transport network by road and railway connecting to the city Cairo steadfastly. It is served by Cairo metro’s line 1 with three stops moving from north to south namely 1. Hadayek El Maadi,2. Maadi and 3. Sakanat (Thakanat) El Maadi. The Egyptian National railway also serves a freight line through Maadi which is suitable for transportation of goods and properties. The less congested road network makes the access to city Cairo quick and faster and this too attract people to Maadi Cairo.




Most of the people living in apartments for rent in Maadi are middle class and above who love spending part of their time in villas, hotels and engaging in sporting activities at their free time. There is available classy hotels and villas worth to stay during a recreation period or when one want to. They have good accommodation and basic amenities are available including free internet connectivity. Availability of Sporting clubs is an advantage since most of the people love spending time exercising and playing for leisure. Maadi is the place to be if interested in these areas.




The strategic location of Maadi Cairo, the availability of basic amenities to support human living in the current world, good transport network road and railway, the plenty availability of accommodation facilities, green environment, availability of hotels and villas, sporting clubs are the main strengths to Maadi and reason for many considering it as travel destination and for living.




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How your website communicates best!

It is one thing to make a good website; it’s something else entirely to create a website for your current and potential customers that they perceive as valuable. Should you have the website as information for partners or communication? The following points provide a good prerequisite for a successful investment and a successful future website.

Start from your visitors

Think about your visitors first. Start structuring the website based on the visitor and not from your organization. Try to think like your customer. Try to define the target audiences you want to target and the information and services your target audience wants Ensure that each target audience can easily find the information they’re looking for. The structure should be based on the customer and the customer’s behaviour. Do you not know the information requested – ask yourself! 

Register your website with the search engines

This is not necessary if you have a publishing tool that automatically generates a sitemap.xml Virtually all Internet users use search engines to search for information. Do not rely on search engines yourself looking up your site – help them instead along the way and you are guaranteed a better result.

Create an interesting homepage

The home page is the most important page on your website. Start at a page that allows your visitors the first and most important impression. As in real life, you have about 15 seconds to make a good impression.

Start to layout the website structure, at least roughly.

Determine the size of your pages, i.e., screen resolution, which information should be contained within each. Something that absolutely must be avoided is the scroll bar to the side. Navigation may not take too much of the page so that it does not fit with the important and compelling information. An economical yet attractive design does not take attention away from the content. Animations and other movements attract attention but can be annoying. Navigation and structure are the key components for the visitor to find the right information. 

To have your website communicating even better let us take a look at your site and provide some advice for you.  You can contact us via LinkedIn

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