November 2016

How your website communicates best!

It is one thing to make a good website; it’s something else entirely to create a website for your current and potential customers that they perceive as valuable. Should you have the website as information for partners or communication? The following points provide a good prerequisite for a successful investment and a successful future website.

Start from your visitors

Think about your visitors first. Start structuring the website based on the visitor and not from your organization. Try to think like your customer. Try to define the target audiences you want to target and the information and services your target audience wants Ensure that each target audience can easily find the information they’re looking for. The structure should be based on the customer and the customer’s behaviour. Do you not know the information requested – ask yourself! 

Register your website with the search engines

This is not necessary if you have a publishing tool that automatically generates a sitemap.xml Virtually all Internet users use search engines to search for information. Do not rely on search engines yourself looking up your site – help them instead along the way and you are guaranteed a better result.

Create an interesting homepage

The home page is the most important page on your website. Start at a page that allows your visitors the first and most important impression. As in real life, you have about 15 seconds to make a good impression.

Start to layout the website structure, at least roughly.

Determine the size of your pages, i.e., screen resolution, which information should be contained within each. Something that absolutely must be avoided is the scroll bar to the side. Navigation may not take too much of the page so that it does not fit with the important and compelling information. An economical yet attractive design does not take attention away from the content. Animations and other movements attract attention but can be annoying. Navigation and structure are the key components for the visitor to find the right information. 

To have your website communicating even better let us take a look at your site and provide some advice for you.  You can contact us via LinkedIn

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What is a Bad Vitamin D Level

Ok so I’m talking vitamins today, namely vitamin D. I’ve done some research and wrote a little tiny essay.

A bad vitamin D level is a certain problem that comes about by an increased or a decreased level of vitamin D in the body. It is very important to have vitamin D checkups. Health related problems can develop from over-supplementation. Excessive doses of vitamin D can result in increased calcium absorption from the intestinal tract. This may cause increased calcium reabsorption from the bones, leading to elevated calcium levels in the blood. Elevated calcium levels in the blood can then cause calcium deposition in soft tissues such as the heart and lungs. This can reduce the ability to function. Kidney stones, vomiting, muscle weakness may also occur due to the ingestion of too much vitamin D.

There are two types of vitamin D, that is ergocalciferol (D2) and cholecalciferol (D3). A requirement of vitamin D varies with some aspects like age, skin coloration, latitude, variation of sun exposure.

A factor like age comes in like old people require more vitamin D than young people. Young babies should not be exposed to the sun especially during the first six months unless under sun block to cover them up. There are common symptoms of deficiency of vitamin D in the body, majorly they include:

Fatigue, general muscle pains and weakness, headaches, bladder problems, poor concentration, restless sleep among other symptoms. The body cannot generate more than the required amount of vitamin D especially from the sun exposure, the body always provides enough vitamin D for the body use. Modern hospitals can measure the levels of vitamin D in the body and maybe prescriptions follows as per the requirements of the body.

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